Thursday, March 27, 2008

Variable's Day Out #1: delay_key_write

After seeing some very good "of-the-day" series, I thought why should MySQL variables be left behind. So, my contribution in the race - "variable's day out". I won't brand it "of-the-day" series as it calls for too much of dedication and given my track record I shouldn't promise that. Henceforth, instead of calling a variable lucky enough for a day, lets call a day lucky enough for a variable. Though I will try my best to keep the lucky days rolling.

Today's variable is delay_key_write. Properties:

Engines MyISAM
Server Startup Option --delay-key-writes[=<OFF|ON|ALL>]
Scope Global
Dynamic Yes
Possible Values enum('ON', 'OFF', 'ALL')
Default Value ON
Category Performance


For MyISAM tables, delayed key writes doesn't allow key buffers to be flushed between writes.


OFF Disables delayed key writing.
ON Enables for the tables created with DELAYED_KEY_WRITE option.
ALL Enables delayed key writing for all MyISAM tables.


Enabling delayed key writing is good for heavy load tables (read or write heavy) as it decreases disk access.


If the server goes down, the indexes have to be rebuilt.

Read more:

MySQL manual entry on delay_key_write

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